Introducing your team of Accredited Practicing Dietitians who will support your health goals – whatever they are

Your Nutrition Health and Wellbeing dietitians specialise in a variety of areas including weight management, weight loss, underweight & undernutrition, NDIS & disability, bariatric surgery nutrition, women’s health, pregnancy & fertility, hormonal issues & PCOS, paediatric nutrition, eating disorders and disordered eating, food allergy & intolerance, gastrointestinal/GUT health (including IBS & FODMAP’s, Coeliac & Gluten Free, Ulcerative Colitis/Chrons’, Diverticular Disease), chronic disease management including nutrition for diabetes and heart disease, renal nutrition, nutrition deficiency, cancer and  optimisation of vegan and vegetarian diets.

We have a dietitian who will be able to help you.

Unsure if we can help you? Call us on 03 9331 0367  or email us at admin@nhwellbeing.com.au to find out more.

We offer both face to face and Telehealth consultations.

At Nutrition Health & Wellbeing our mission is your optimal health. We care and would love to work with you to help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. Our expert advice, support and tailored lifestyle solutions will guide you to your own success.

A personal consultation with our Accredited Practising Dietitian will assist you in making informed decisions and in creating a customised plan that supports your individual quest for optimal health.

We provide an integrated counselling approach that thoroughly addresses and guides you through areas including:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Sustainable dietary habits
  • Adjusted behaviours with food
  • Empowerment via choice of your own individual diet
  • Exercise programs based on your personal preferences

We consider your specific needs and the lifestyle of every single client when designing our personalised solutions, as this guarantees the best opportunity for long term success.

If you are unable to travel to one of our clinic locations, or are based elsewhere in Australia, you can still receive the expert care and support of a Nutrition Health & Wellbeing dietitian Via a Video Call through an online platform used to book in your appointment. Once your appointment is booked you will receive a confirmation appointment, so at the time of your appointment, all you will need to join is JOIN the link in your confirmation/reminder email or text message. It’s that simple.

Zoom is also another platform that may be used, please discuss this option when booking an appointment with your dietitian.

Telephone Consultations are also another option if preferred.

In your first consultation, a nutrition assessment by your dietitian will be undertaken to provide us with the information needed to able to formulate an education and eating plan tailored to your individual requirements. We discuss your goals, usual food intake, dietary habits and factors that may be affecting your eating patterns, medical conditions, medications, nutrition supplements, food allergies and intolerances, dietary requirements, physical activity, and other important areas to help formulate your meal guide and nutritional goals.

Consultations at Nutrition Health & Wellbeing are made up of our simple step approach.


> Personalised nutrition assessment of food and nutrient intake
> Assessment of your complete medical history
> Assessment of physical activity levels
> Assessment of macro and micronutrient intake to help you understand your current diet and where it may be improved. >Calculation of your energy requirements, protein, carbohydrate and fat intake to formulate a suitable eating plan
> Identification of dietary and behavioural factors affecting food intake


> Establishing dietary goals and an action plan
> Provide you motivation and support to break through any barriers
> Behaviour modification to help change/improve eating patterns that are keeping you from achieving your health goals
> Develop your structured eating plan
> Continued education to increase your knowledge and help maintain healthy long term dietary practices
> Guide you through confusing areas of balanced nutrition


> Monitor progress  and receive ongoing support to help you achieve your dietary goals                                                                                      Receive further nutrition education and have adjustments made to your meal guide


A Private initial/new OR extended Initial EPC/care plan consultations with us takes between 45-60 minutes, which includes a thorough nutrition assessment and analysis of your current nutritional intake, medical, social and physical activity.

Your assessment will then be followed by education, goal setting, and a customised eating plan to get you started. Future appointments or reviews are scheduled for 30 minutes. 

EPC/Care Plan appointments will consultations are for 30min, unless an extended appointment is requested.

We accept cash & credit card. We request payment be made at the conclusion of your consultation

YES. Should you wish to cancel your appointment, please call 9331 0367 or send an email to admin@nhwellbeing.com.au no less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment as a courtesy to enable other persons on the waiting list or requiring urgent treatment to take your time slot.

If 24 hours notice is not provided a cancellation fee will  be charged.

If a failure to attend occurs, full fee of consultation will be charged unless under special circumstances, consideration will be given and this charge may be waived.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians. However, some clients are eligible for a Government funded Health Care Plan (Chronic Disease Management (CDM) formally known as an EPC). You can ask your GP if you are eligible. 

Yes, depending on your level of cover you may be entitled for a rebate from your private health fund. Speak to your health fund about your eligible rebate.

The number of visits you require will depend on various reasons; including, the reason for your visit or how much monitoring and level of assistance you require. Your dietitian will discuss the frequency of visits required with you to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. with us.

We get this question a lot! We are Accredited Practising Dietitians, trained and educated certified professionals which means  that information you will receive from us will be evidence based and tailored to you. Your nutritional education and plan will be specific to your medical and nutritional requirements.

There are a number of reasons why diets in the past have not worked:
• They are often unbalanced and do not meet your nutritional requirements so you are left feeling hungry, which can lead to over eating later on
• They may not fit in with your particular lifestyle
• They often set unrealistic standards and are not sustainable in the long term, despite being effective in the short term
• They may have required you to avoid certain food groups leaving you with the risk of developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies
• They often allow you to lose a significant amount of weight in the early stages, which then plateaus off causing you to lose motivation, reverting back to old habits.

Healthy living is a long journey, we will work with you to set realistic and achievable goals and provide you with the support to help you achieve those goals through individual eating and lifestyle plans. We will teach you to understand and read your own body, hunger and satiety cues as well as equip you with crucial skills that allow you to make educated food choices in the long run.