Booking and Cancellation Policies

Payment Policy

We appreciate that all accounts be settled in full on the day of service. Payments may be made Via Credit card. No refunds will provided.

Cancellation Policy 

Please be aware that we require 24hour notice for appointment cancellation, failure to do so, will result in the full charge of your consultation. The same applies if you miss your appointment. This applies to all clients and is the responsibility of the client regardless of any payment arrangement. If the cancellation or failure to attend occurs under exceptional circumstances consideration will be given to have this waived.

Late attendance Policy 

If your re going to be later your appointment please let our admin team or your dietitian know. Failure to arrive within 10-15min of your appointment time will result in your appointment being forfeited and incur a FULL cancellation fee for the cost of the consultation.

Failure to attend Policy

Failure to attend will result in the full charge of your consultation. Failure to attend comprises the care of other clients who will benefit from seeing a dietitian in that time as well as respecting the dietitian’s time.

Rescheduling Policy 

An appointment that is rescheduled two or more times consecutively without providing 24 hr notice will be treated as a cancellation and incur a full charge of the cost of the consultation.

A new appointment will not be rescheduled until the fee is paid.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be provided for a change of mind without proving sufficient time to cancel appointment. This also applies to a change of mind if a booking is pre-paid online. Strictly no refunds apply for a change of mind for any program or consultation.