Why Customised Eating Plans Actually Work

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Over many years of practice and working with clients, I find that they benefit from a customised eating plan. Customised eating plans help provide structure in ones diet. Often our clients are well educated after our consultations,  but often request that they have a meal plan in place. Our meal plans are not restrictive, but they are tailor made to suit you – including your day to day routine down to social setting, work and family.


In our meal plans we help provide structure using specific guidelines of meal portion control- controlling the amount of protein and carbohydrates and fat in each meal to ensure meals are calorie balanced. Some clients like to have a specific structure, wanting a 7 -14 day customized eating plan with specific recipes, some may request/prefer options for breakfast, lunch and dinner due to increased flexibility. Snack options are also provided, consisting of calorie-controlled options. The beauty of our meal plans is that we also help incorporate the correct balance of nutrients – including vitamins and minerals to ensure that a customised eating plan is “your healthy eating plan”. We strive to help you to help you learn long term eating habits.


A dietitian can tailor customised eating plans for weight loss, all dietary requirements, improving muscle gain, diabetes, digestive disorders including irritable bowel, FODMAPS, Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerance, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Vegan, Vegetarian Diets, Pregnancy and other requirements.


Whilst following our customized healthy eating plan, we help our patients learn the art of a non – diet approach to eating. This allows people to recognize their own hunger and fullness cues and learn to enjoy all foods that they desire to eat. In other words, learning how to eat intuitively again and start loving accepting their body through this journey.


If you focus away from the scales and focus on the change and your health, it will certainly place less pressure on you and reduce that guilt – for many clients, breaking the emotional eating and binging cycle once and for all.


Establishing a healthy relationship with food is not only significant to short-term and long-term health, but also to mental health. Restrictive of suitable energy and nutrients can make you feel lethargic and may affect your mood. Our customised eating plans allow a variety of foods daily and consider the importance of enjoying social events without feeling guilty and restricted because you are trying to lose weight.

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