Specialists in Weight Management and Medical Nutrition Therapy
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  • Weight Loss Program Options

    Our weight loss programs are designed specifically for you to achieve weight loss and ultimately a healthier lifestyle. Our experienced dietitians can help guide and support you through every step of the way.


    We believe that some people may need more discipline and structure, whilst others may need a different approach to achieving their weight loss goals. We are confident that we have just the right weight loss program for you.


    There are two specialized weight loss programs available with us.
    Our programs cost $695 for 12 weeks- this includes 6 x fortnight consultations.

    Accelerated Weight Loss and Wellbeing Program Results Based Weight Loss Program
    Point of difference Maximise body fat loss using a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) or Low Calorie Diet (LCD) incorporating the use of Meal Replacements Maximise body fat loss using energy/calorie controlled eating plans and mindful eating/behavioural modification techniques without the use of meal replacements
    Length 6 x Fortnightly consultations 6 x Fortnightly Consultations
    Access to Online Resources Unlimited email support from your dietitian Unlimited email support from your dietitian
    Follow up phone consultation at the end of your program Yes Yes
    Personalised Nutrition Assessment Yes Yes
    Customised Meal Plan Yes Yes – Your meal plan will be customised to meet your specific calorie/carbohydrate and protein requirements to achieve weight loss.

    1200, 1500 and 1800 calorie plans are available.

    You don’t need to count calories unless you want to

    Body weight and measurements tracked Yes Yes
    Monitoring of your food, fluid, nutritional adequacy Yes Yes
    VLCD – Meal Replacements Yes No
    Target Weight Loss BMI > 30: loss of 1.0-1.5kg/week 0.5-1.5kg/week weight loss
    BMI 35+: loss of 1.5-2.5kg/week
    Program Pack Optifast samples to get you started Snack bible
    Low energy food samples Portion control plate
    Snack bible Resources
    Portion control plate Food diary
    Resources Shopping guide
    Food Diary Recipes
    Suitable for BMI > 30 You love your food and still want to enjoy everyday foods
    OR You require less structure
    BMI > 27 with Type 2 Diabetes/high blood pressure/sleep apnoea/high cholesterol
    Waist circumference >102cm (men) or >88cm (women)
    Not suitable for Pregnant or lactating women
    Infants/children/adolescents under 18 years
    Elderly (over 65 years)
    Type 1 Diabetics
    People with:

    -Acute cerebrovascular or cardiovascular disease

    – GOUT

    – Kidney/liver/gall bladder disease

    Optional Add ons Option for ongoing consultations and continued treatment Option for ongoing consultations and continued treatment
    Your investment $695 $695


    What are the benefits for you at the completion our program?


    ✔Achieved your fat loss goal

    ✔The ability to maintain your weight loss

    ✔Gain a feeling of success and increased confidence

    ✔Be able to make informed food choices without the guilt of eating foods you enjoy

    ✔Have the confidence to shift through any misconception about food and diets

    ✔Improvement of dietary habits and increased energy levels

    Improved bowel health, constipating and bloating

    ✔Help you learn simple skills to break free from ‘food rules’ and begin to enjoy flexible and relaxed eating practices

    ✔Help you disconnect from unsatisfying habits and eating behaviours.


    Give us a call on 9217 6421 to book an appointment with us where we will work together with you to decide which program best suits you and your goals.