Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

Meeting your nutritional requirements can be more challenging if you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet, or if you have special dietary requirements. With the support of an NHW dietitian you can be confident you are fuelling your body adequately and meeting your nutrient and mineral requirements for your age group and individual nutrition needs.

We provide personalised advice regarding portion requirements, vegan and vegetarian sources of protein and iron, and supplementation where appropriate. As all advise is individual we are able to provide advise on achieving an adequate vegetarian/vegan diet in the context of other medical conditions or weight loss goals.

If you are experiencing a nutritional deficiency, are considering commencing a vegetarian or vegan diet, or you are interested in reviewing your current diet, please contact us on 1800 313 800 or click the ‘book now‘ button on the home page to book an appointment today.

Common dietary patterns seen in my practice in clients who are vegan/vegetarian include diets high in fat and carbohydrate, and lacking adequate intake of both essential amino acids and protein for the individuals age, weight and physical activity levels. In addition to this common nutrient deficiencies include low iron, omega 3, calcium and B12 “ * Leeanne Azzopardi – Principal Dietitian

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