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We are a group of dietitians appropriately experienced and qualified deliver dietary advice using Nutritional Medical Therapy to help people with everyday healthy eating and practical strategies to manage health conditions and nutrition related diseases.
If you have been referred by your GP please complete enquiry form or call 1800 313 800.
Our mission is to ultimately help improve our client’s quality of life so when they leave our consultation they are feeling empowered and good about themselves. We work with our clients to understand their core underlying issues, working together to change their mindset.

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A Guide to Summer Health when Living with a Chronic Disease

Summer heat and sunshine means a few extra things to think about when it comes to staying healthy when living with a chronic disease. People with different types of chronic disease, like type 2 diabetes, tend to feel the summertime heat more than people who are not diagnosed. Here we discuss how you can enjoy and stay safe during summer time.    COVID-19 Summer Safety with Chronic Disease  As more people get vaccinated, we’ll start to see the world return to normal. Yet, it’s important to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. These include washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer, social distancing, staying home when you’re not feeling well, and wearing a mask in crowded public spaces. Health guidelines also help prevent flu and other illnesses. When...

The Lowdown on Probiotics and Prebiotics

While that may leave you feeling a little squeamish, don’t fear! These little guys are on our side, they play important roles in many metabolic, nutritional, physiological and immunological processes which keep us healthy. This includes acting as a barrier to prevent “bad” bacteria from invading and causing illness and producing nutrients that we can’t make ourselves (vitamin K, B12, folic acid, short chain fatty acids)....

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