Supermarket Tours

Are you confused about what products to purchase?


Are you spending extra time at the Supermarket trying to make better food choices?


How do you identify a food product that is low in fat, low in low in sugar and low in sodium?


Are you not sure what labeling and marketing claims mean and whether to believe them or not?
Nutrition Health and Wellbeing Supermarket Tours are designed to help you make better food product choices whilst shopping and help you feel more confident sifting through all the food labeling information.
Our supermarket tours will be able to assist you in weight loss, general healthy eating, or looking for suitable food products specific to health conditions such as Diabetes, High cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Gluten Free or low in FODMAPS.
These tours will teach you how to analyse nutrition information, which can broaden your product choice and potentially save you lots of money!


“Just remember a well-known brand doesn’t mean it has better nutritional value than the cheaper or less well know brands!”
What do our Supermarket tours involve?


1.    A guided 1.5hr tour with an Accredited Practising Dietitian
2.    Education component on analysing the Nutrition Information Panel, Ingredient Lists and Nutrition Claims.
3.    You will be provided with a Label Reading Resource, which will be able to guide you in targeting products that are low in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt, and high in fibre
4.    Group tours are small to ensure everybody has the opportunity to ask plenty of questions


We Have 3 Specific Tours for the following:


Tours can vary in size. Individual, family or group tours are available.
1.    Weight Management and Healthy Eating
2.    Diabetes
3.    Gluten Free and Low FODMAP


Tour Cost:
Individual: $30
2 People: $50
Private Group:
Group of 2:    $75 each
Group of 4: $40 each