Nutrition Health & Wellbeing offer a range of specialised programs and individualised consultations to people of all ages, encompassing a range of nutrition and health related issues and goals. Whether it is a specific medical condition or your general health and wellbeing that needs attention, our nutritional education programs, dietary consultations and tailored eating plans will help pave the way for you to reach your optimal health.

Some of our common medical conditions that we see clients for and provide a structured eating program include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insulin Resistance
  • High Cholesterol
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders; IBS, Food Intolerance, Gluten Free
  • Nutrition Deficiencies; Vitamin D
  • Osteoporosis

We will help you achieve your dietary goals by customising an eating plan to improve your overall health, wellbeing and energy levels. Our carefully crafted, varied eating plans incorporate all the necessary food groups in the recommended quantities, yet will never leave you feeling hungry or restricted.

Weight Loss Programs

Our dietitians are specialised in weight loss and have the rights skills to design your weight loss program. We’re Optifast Accredited Dietitians and can provide the right guidance and support to achieve fast weight loss with long term maintenance and success.

We have designed two specific weight loss programs to help you choose one that is individually suited to you. All of our weight loss programs include the following features, however, the two programs differ on our approach to achieving you results due to personal preference.

Vegetarian and Vegan Eating Programs

We also offer specialised education and provide eating plans for Vegetarian and Vegan Diets. Our biggest concern being on a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet is to ensure you are achieving optimal nutritional status by consuming your required macro and micro nutrient intake. Some of the common Nutritional Deficiencies include:

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Essential Fatty Acids

If you are interested in reviewing your current diet, are experiencing nutritional deficiency with your current eating plan or are looking at commencing a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet, then we can certainly help you understand the key nutrients to consume plus tailor an eating plan to keep your diet nutrient rich and well balanced. If weight loss or a medical condition needs attention, then we will customise your vegetarian or vegan plan suited to this too.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Programs

Following a balanced diet is particularly important during pregnancy. Your growing baby has special nutrient needs which can be met through your diet. Further, a growing baby places extra demand upon your body, and a healthy diet can help keep you feeling fit and well. If you are interested in learning how to optimize your dietary intake whilst preparing for pregnancy, whilst being pregnant and  breastfeeding, we may help you customize your eating plan suitable to your dietary goals. Another concern many women have is they don’t want to gain extra unwanted kilograms through their pregnancy and may even want to lose weight while planning for pregnancy. This also an area in which can educate you.

Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal Health is a term that encompasses a wide range of health concerns that we see clients for. More people are being diagnosed with Gastrointestinal health issues, with a range of common concerns and symptoms which can be addressed through an individualised approach working with us.

Skype Consultations

Can’t make it into our clinics? Our dietitians can work with you over Skype. Consultations can be booked and paid for online and are conducted in a similar format to face-to-face consultations, from the convenience of your own home, still with the professional, individualised advice you’d expect from seeing us in person. Click below to enquire further!