Group Education

Nutrition Health & Wellbeing can deliver a variety of customised programs to meet the needs of your organisation. We provide training and information sessions to companies, health organisations, health EXPOS, GP’s, nursing staff, students and to the general community.

Our education sessions are designed to address a comprehensive range of health issues pertaining to your group. Sessions are highly informative and offer effective strategic advice, tailored to specific group requirements. Our group education is practical and engaging as a stand-alone event, or can serve as an accompaniment to other industry/community presentations or social meetings.

Shopping tours may also be provided upon request for suitably sized groups.

Group sessions cover a range of topics including:
  • Healthy Eating and Weight management
    • Energy Balance
    • Metabolism
    • The Glycaemic Index
    • Portion Control
    • Food Group Balance
    • Fats &Fibre
    • Label Reading
    • Healthy Recipes
    • Eating out
    • Low Fat Cooking Methods
  • Diabetes management (Medicare rebates may apply)
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Food intolerance
  • Osteoporosis

For further information about group sessions please contact Nutrition Health & Wellbeing on 1800 313 800.

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