How we can help you manage your diabetes

Healthy eating, healthy body weight and regular physical activity are important objectives for people with diabetes. The diet for a person with diabetes does not actually differ from the diet recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines for general consumption. A key factor for successful weight control is learning to eat a range of foods in amounts that are appropriate for your energy requirements.

Type 2 and Pre Diabetes

We will create an eating regime that will be tailored to your nutritional requirements, healthy weight range and ideal glucose targets. You will not be on a “strict diabetic diet”. Your eating plan will instead be focused on the reduction of concentrated high energy processed foods such as those that are high in sugar, and emphasis will be placed on those foods that are high in fibre, have a low Glycaemic Index (GI) Carbohydrate, and are low in saturated fat and salt.

In addition, your energy intake will be balanced through portion control and an increase in exercise. If you are overweight then a weight loss plan will be incorporated to ensure ongoing weight loss to reach an ideal healthy weight and/or waist circumference range. Many studies suggest that a loss of 5% to 20% of body weight will improve glycaemic control, hence any degree of weight loss may be important.

Type 1 Diabetes

In addition to Healthy Eating, our focus on Type 1 diabetes management and managing your blood glucose, will also help you understand the amount of carbohydrate in foods, carbohydrate counting and how to match insulin requirements to the amount of carbohydrates found in foods you consume. Recognising and counting carbohydrate in foods plays a significant role in the prevention of both the over or underestimation of your insulin intake. A specific meal plan may also be developed to suit your requirements.

Gestational diabetes

Some women may develop diabetes during pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes). If you already have diabetes and become pregnant, or you have developed Gestational Diabetes, we can provide you with appropriate support, healthy eating strategies and a customised eating plan to help you achieve healthy blood glucose targets.

We can help formulate an eating plan to ensure that you are eating adequately to help manage your blood glucose levels, whilst maintaining energy and nutritional requirements.

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