Customised Eating Plans


Good nutrition requires balance, moderation and variety in your food choices.


We feel that it is a priority that we incorporate a balance in the foods that you choose on a daily basis. We can help you achieve your dietary goals by customising an eating plan to improve your overall health, wellbeing and energy levels that incorporate all the food groups in the recommended quantities.


Once we assess your medical history, nutritional requirements and foods that you enjoy most, we will empower you with the confidence to make the best food choices.


Whether you are simply interested in some advice to optimize your current diet for improved general health, or whether you have a health condition with very specific requirements, we can help you reach your goals.


Our customised eating plans:


  • Easy to follow and adaptable for long term use
  • Tailored to any medical condition
  • Individually designed to suit your preferences and meet any medical requirements
  • Nutrient rich – to achieve adequate micronutrient and vitamin intake
  • Calorie controlled- Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat requirements will be calculated to meet your ideal weight range
  • Adjustable to ensure you are happy with the plan so they are easily followed
  • Portion controlled
  • Suitable to attain and maintain optimal bowel health, whilst making individual adjustments if any food intolerances are identified
  • Well balanced to keep you feeling satisfied, not hungry or feeling overly restricted


We also provide you with a shopping guide, label reading resource, recipes and other tips


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