Consultation Process

In your first consultation, a nutrition assessment will be undertaken to provide us with the information needed to able to formulate an eating plan tailored to your individual requirements. We discuss your goals, usual food intake, dietary habits and factors that may be affecting your eating patterns, medical conditions, medications, nutrition supplements, food allergies and intolerances, dietary requirements, physical activity, and other important areas to help formulate your eating plan.


Consultations at Nutrition Health & Wellbeing are made up of our three step approach.


  • Personalised nutrition assessment of food and nutrient intake
  • Assessment of your complete medical history
  • Assessment of physical activity levels
  • Assessment of macro and micronutrient intake to help you understand your current diet and where it may be improved. Calculation of you energy requirements, protein, carbohydrate and fat intake to formulate a suitable eating plan
  • Identification of dietary and behavioural factors affecting food intake


  • Establishing dietary goals and an action plan
  • Provide you motivation and support to break through any barriers
  • Behaviour modification to help change/improve eating patterns that are keeping you from achieving your health goals
  • Develop your structured eating plan
  • Continued education to increase your knowledge and help maintain healthy long term dietary practices
  • Guide you through confusing areas of balanced nutrition

  • Monitor progress and fine tune your eating plan as required
  • Continued motivation and support as changes are made to eating habits
  • Ongoing education


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